1. Have a timeline in mind as to when you want to start your project. This includes the deposit to start your project, which will hold your slot in the queue and available time to let the contractors work in the home. 2. If you have a photo, sketch or can find something similar to your idea, your project will go faster. Don’t worry if not, we can come out and consult with you to create a design based on what you have in mind. 3. Plan to completely clear out the space for installation, such as closets or Alcoves next to fireplaces.

What payment is required to start my project ?

The deposit is normally half (½) of the total for the project once designs are finalized. This is used for lumber, paint, pickup/delivery of supplies and initial labor costs to start the project.

How are projects put in the queue for build of a project?

Projects are generally done on a first come, first served basis with deposit secured. However, your project may be pushed ahead of waiting projects if they are substantially like a project in the build process. For example, standalone floating shelves can be put in with another larger project that includes floating shelves and cabinets. This can reduce the time and overall cost of your estimate, as lumber/ supplies are generally cheaper in bulk. Additionally, labor is reduced by securing items in one run as opposed to many.

How does “Custom” built differ from pre-made furniture or


Custom Furniture is made to fit your space specifically. Custom is usually a higher quality material lasting the lifetime of the space with care VS only lasting several years for store purchased furniture such as Entertainment Units. Custom makes your item uniquely “YOURS”, offering more choices on sizes, colors and materials than typical home shopping stores.
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What are typical expectations for custom installs and builds?

Custom items “can” be much more expensive to purchase initially than off the shelf products. However, the quality and the durability of the product typically makes the purchase much cheaper than constantly replacing the same item because of failure of the materials.

How do I get started ?