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Call 770-410-8906 for additional info or inquiries. Don’t see your breed or or want something different, Please see page 2 for additional Breeds along with other models such as Charlie Brown and Snoopy Planters. Page 2 of Planters
Planters are $85 for Dogs/Cats Click here to order: Planters-Un-assembled for shipping: https://py.pl/6KNB7Xpt XC6 $105 for Snoopy/Charlie Brown (Page 2) Click here to order Charlie brown/Snoopy or Snoopy on house planter Planters-Un-assembled for shipping: https://py.pl/CifKj Shipping to most states: $20 To submit a custom order: send payment along with the following info: Item name,quantity and particular changes.
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We are proud to introduce Custom Mailboxes and Planters from the Designer Studio PilibruCreaciones